General Fitment and Sizing Advice

All American Duchess footwear (unless otherwise noted in the product description) runs true to size. We strongly recommend ordering your usual shoe size! Your usual size is typically a better indicator of successful fit than measurements. 

Please note that all of our shoes are produced in US sizes and are medium/regular width unless otherwise specified. 

In the US, regular width is B for women's sizes and D for men's sizes, but please be aware that your country may use a different lettering system to denote the same regular widths!  A UK or European B width is very narrow and is not the same as a US B width

If you questions about wide or narrow fitting, see here

We've JUST launched a test run of a curated collection of some of our most popular and beloved styles in "women's" D-width sizes - click here to see them!

The foot is 3-dimensional and infinitely variable in shape, so any 2-dimensional measuring tool, such as a ruler or paper chart, can only approximate your true shoe size.

If you require assistance with sizing, have questions or suggestions, then please contact us via email, use our contact form, using live chat (at the bottom right of every page on our website), or by calling +1 (775) 800-7750.


Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart


Men's Shoe Size Conversion Chart